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CZ 75 Shadow 2 SA

CZ 75 Shadow 2 SA


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A sport special intended especially for fans of target shooting with large-calibre pistols, as well as anyone who agrees with the pistol guru, Jeff Cooper, that a double action trigger mechanism is an ingenious solution for a non-existent problem. (Although where the CZ 75 is concerned, Cooper himself admitted that the solution was indeed perfect).

The single action variant of the phenomenal CZ SHADOW 2 model features a target style trigger blade made of aluminium alloy anodized blue and a combat style hammer with a large, weight-reducing hole. The trigger pull weight is set at 13 to 15 N, it can be decreased with a special adjustment or by swapping the trigger spring (we highly recommend such adjustments be carried out by a gunsmith or a specialized workshop). In comparison with the single action mode of the SA/DA model, this exclusively SA trigger mechanism also features an excellent and significantly shorter trigger travel (achieved by setting the first stage travel) and reset.

As standard, the CZ SHADOW 2 SA is equipped with a large left safety, however, customers have the option to partly adjust the properties of their guns by using accessories and parts for the CZ SHADOW 2 available from the company e-shop. The other properties and parameters of the single action model are identical to the basic SA/DA version which currently reigns in the IPSC Production Division.

Tekniset tiedot:

Caliber: 9 mm Luger (9×19)
Capacity. 19 rounds
Frame: Steel
Grips: Aluminium
Barrel length: 125 mm
Dimensions: 217 x 157 x 34 mm
Weight: 1330 g
Trigger: SA
Sights: adjustable
Safety features: Hammer safety notch, Manual safety
Finish: Black Poly


Paino 2 kg


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